Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tons of rain

It has rained solid for two days in Chicago.
Thank God for a good sump pump.
Bill Hybels said that his basement flooded with 20 inches of water.

The Chicago Sun Times reports...

We're swamped
RECORD RAIN | 7-inch downpour floods basements, roads, briefly cuts off O'Hare

A record downpour lasting more than 24 hours dumped more than 7 inches of rain on parts of the Chicago area, sending rivers and creeks surging over their banks, flooding streets and basements throughout the city and suburbs and briefly cutting off access to O'Hare Airport on Saturday.

The rain, which set a one-day record of 6.81 inches at O'Hare, was expected to continue though this evening with another 2 to 3 inches of precipitation expected -- thanks to a boost from remnants of Hurricane Ike.

Yesterday I checked the rain gauge and it had three inches in it.
That is the most I ever recall emptying from a rain gauge.
The rain is beginning to let up and it looks like there is another 2.5 inches in it.

Yesterday, the sump pump was cycling every 29 seconds. When we got home for church today, I checked it and it was cycling every 22 seconds.

But our rain and flooding in the area is nothing compared to what Galveston and Houston have had to deal with.

And the sun just peeked through the clouds! (4:34 PM CDT)

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Glenda said...

that is crazy stuff! i hope it stops raining soon! you have a river in your back yard!!!