Thursday, February 28, 2008

Did the homework, didn't learn the lesson

I think this is true for a lot of people, they do the homework, but don't learn the lesson.

The news report on MSNBC.COM - Criminal Weirdness stated...

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Justin John Boudin may have done his anger management homework, but he apparently didn't learn his lesson.

The 27-year-old Minnesota man pleaded guilty to fifth-degree assault charges for losing his temper on the way to class.

According to the criminal complaint, Boudin was waiting at a bus stop in August when he harassed a 59-year-old woman. Witnesses say he yelled "Why don't you show me some respect?" at the woman.

The complaint says when she took out her cell to call police, he punched her in the face. When a 63-year-old man tried to stop him, Boudin hit him with a blue folder. Then he ran, dropping the folder.

Police were able to track him down using the papers inside, which included his name and his anger management homework.

THE PRINCIPLE should be...

Do the homework and LEARN THE LESSON!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


My friend, Layton Howerton, always captures me with some of his great original work.
He sang one of his new songs when he was at our church over the weekend of January 13 -
Love Wins.

Layton's ability as a story teller is so impressive. One of his favorite phrases is "Long Story Short." So he is my "LSS" buddy.

I am so glad that I can count Layton as a friend.
Layton, thanks for a great song.

When the song comes out on his new CD, make sure and get it!

Love Wins

On life and love, it's complicated
Whether You're single or married, you' get frustrated
I Know love and how it makes you feel
yeah I know love and how it makes life reel

You put your right foot forward and drag your left
With all the heart/faith/life that you've got left
Even when you don't believe
You keep your eyes forward and don't look down
When your world's spinning round and breathe

If the first shall be last and the last first
In the end only love wins

On life and religion....(laugh)
It's mostly opinion and blended superstition
I know the truth, You can't outrun what You've done
Yeah I know the truth and the need for redemption

When your faith in folks fails you, when you forget to forgive
Remember everybody dies, few people live

Layton Howerton
Whistlin' Biscuit Music Co/BMI
OWM/19 Entertainment

Every line in this song is beautifully crafted.
But that last one is powerful...
"When your faith in folks fails you, when you forget to forgive
Remember everybody dies, few people live."

Thanks Layton.


I just watched one of the most amazing Superbowls.
Congratulations to Eli Manning and the New York Giants.
Winners of Superbowl XL II.

How must Archie Manning feel?
Peyton - MVP last year...
Eli - MVP this year.

Very cool.

Bloomberg news reported...

Manning, whose brother Peyton was named Super Bowl MVP a year ago, completed 19 of 34 passes for 255 yards, with two touchdowns and an interception. He capped an 83-yard drive with a 13-yard scoring pass to Plaxico Burress with 39 seconds left in the game.

``We believed in ourselves all year,'' Manning said at a televised postgame news conference in Glendale, Arizona. ``That's the position you want to be in. You want to have the ball in your hands with four minutes left. You've got to score a touchdown. That's where you want to be, with a chance to win the game.''

The Giants' 12-play game-winning drive included a play where Manning broke free from a knot of defenders and found receiver David Tyree for a 32-yard reception. Tyree caught the ball over his head, holding it against his helmet as he was brought to the ground. The Giants scored four plays later.

``I don't know if there's ever been a bigger play in the Super Bowl than that play, at least from my viewpoint,'' Giants coach Tom Coughlin said at a news conference.