Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dunkin' Donuts - Great Customer Service

Last week, on the way home from church, I decided to drop by Dunkin' Donuts and buy a couple bags of whole beans. I like to grind my own coffee and then brew a great fresh pot of coffee.

When I got home, I opened the bag and poured some beans into the grinder, set the coffee pot up and looked forward to a great cup of coffee. I had noticed the the whole beans didn't have the great aroma I expected. After brewing the pot, I realized that it was an old bag of beans.

I sent a note to Dunkin' corporate office to let them know and also asking help, because I hadn't taken the receipt when I purchased the beans. After several days, not receiving an email reply, I figured, "well, I guess it wasn't important." Joy came in with the mail and said, "I think you got your reply from Dunkin' Donuts." She had a large bag, that when I opened it, had two bags of beans! WOW!

Thank you Dunkin' Donuts.

BTW... I had gone back to the store where I purchased the beans and the manager gladly exchanged the two bags for two bags of ground coffee.

So, I have really been enjoying the coffee in the AM!

Anyone want to come over for coffee?! I'm brewing.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Billy Sunday in Kindergarten

I went to Bible College with a Billy Sunday, not this one, nor the original.

In fact, I did a report on the famous preacher.

But this little guy did this presentation for his kindergarten class at Gren Valley Baptist Church. His name is Connor Simpson.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Future - What will it look like?

About a month ago, I spoke at VISION 2020 LEADERSHIP - A TIME TO SEE THE FUTURE. Rev. Tommy Reid, pastor of The TAB in Orchard Park, NY asked me to spend time with their pastors, elders and leaders.

We focused on,
What Will The Church Look Like in 2020?

I wish I would have had this video.
Our world is changing!

The landscape in America (indeed our world) has changed. Christendom (in America) no longer exists.
Some of the key points were...
I.. People in leadership positions face several challenges. 1) FOCUSING ON THE WRONG ISSUES (trying to fight society – fight reality) 2) NOT RECOGNIZING THE CHANGES AROUND THEM (sometimes denying them) and 3) trying to apply the wrong “fix”.

Every church needs transformation.

Those that aren’t changed DIE.

But without a clear understanding of the nature of change, the chances of growing a healthy church are diminished.

II. Last to see the shift
People insulated within any paradigm (group / institution) typically are the last to see the shift and least able to recognize strategies that are not going to work.


How we DO church, how we DELIVER church, and how we DECLARE the message.

Some people have observed a five hundred year cycle in western history—a period of upheaval followed by a period of settling down, then codification, and then upheaval again because we do not like to be codified. So, about every five hundred years the church feels compelled to have a giant rummage sale, and we’re in one of those periods now.

HERE’S THE KEY….The emerging generation has a different STYLE, worldview and priorities. They have different ways of communicating.

Knowledge based Organizations will morph into highly distributed anytime networks.

It calls into question the future role of large facilities, high technological overhead and an emphasis on an insulated professional corps for business, government and ministry.

We are watching the leveling of the “playing field.”


1. Develop a strategic plan.

2. We need Men of Isachaar who “discern” the times.

“Exegete the environment, exegete the times. Discover what it taking place now. Look at future trends, major forces shaping society/our environment.

3. We need some people who understand the “Gretzky Factor.”

4. Prepare for contingencies.