Saturday, September 20, 2008

Spiral Starecase

When I was putting together the post concerning the anniversary, I remember the phrase that Joy and I often said to each other. "I love you more than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow."

That was a song by the Spiral Starecase.
That tune and those lyrics brought back some fun memories.

Then I found some of their other songs that were popular at that time.
Good songs!

BROKEN-HEARTED MAN by Spiral Starecase

OUR DAY WILL COME by Spiral Starecase

the videos are kinda psychedelic. But that was common for that era.

I like to research and here's some info about the group.

The group formed in Sacramento, California as the Fydallions, counting up in their ranks saxman Dick Lopes and bass player Bobby Raymond, Harvey Kaye on organ, Vinnie Parello on drums, and lead vocalist and guitarist Pat Upton, who hailed from Alabama. They auditioned for Columbia Records, who loved the group but hated their name.

Pat Upton was born in Alabama in 1940. "I have sang all my life and grew up singing gospel music. (how often has that been true!) I was introduced to the electric guitar when I was about 19. Duane Eddy and the Ventures were my favorites when I started playing. Shortly thereafter, I joined the Air Force and really learned to play guitar there.

The Spiral Starecase may be a one-hit wonder group, but if you're only going to be allotted one, then their "More Today Than Yesterday" is the type of solitary charter you want as your lasting legacy. A bouncy shuffle that has become a heavy rotation staple of oldies radio, the tune sports a simple but well-crafted lyric and a melody that sticks to the brain and refuses to leave. A further look into the group's scant discography reveals that musically, the group was capable of even more hits, had not poor management and sheer bad luck cut their career short.

I cracked up when I found this video of the group.
Notice the footwork of the bass player

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jet said...

mom & I are listening to the songs while mom bakes my bday cake & I lick the bowl!
I told mom "your day did come."

it was cute watching you sing along with their songs and i think it's funny you had a hairdo like the lead singer!