Wednesday, September 24, 2008


(Map for illustration purposes only :) )

Hey Arkansas, what's the deal.
As I looked at Google analytics for my blog, it was obvious that the ONLY state I have not had any hits from is Arkansas. All the other states are shades of green, but Arkansas shows up as WHITE!

Now there may be several reasons for that...
Al Gore has restricted them from accessing the internet.
They don't believe in reading blogs, just shootin' hogs.
They don't have computers (I know this isn't true because my brilliant and gifted niece and her husband have several)
Their mad that Huckabee did'nt get nominated to run for Pres or V Pres and they are fasting from computers.
They show up as "white" because they are FORGIVEN!...

Well, I hope that someone accesses my blog from Arkansas. My great grandfather and great grandmother (Isaac Webster and America Thornton) are buried in Arkansas and reportedly my great, great grandfather is also buried near Hot Springs. I want to go and find that grave site.


Mark said...

Howdy Earl,

I'm from Hot Springs - born and raised - so put a pin in your map. We have a "Thornton Ferry Road" ... named after some of your kin, perhaps? Where'bouts is the grave, and what's the name on it? I'll take a photo for you if I can find it.

ArkyMark in Hot Springs

Earl Thornton said...

Wow, that was quick. Thanks ArkyMark!
From what my father told me, the grave is supposed to be around - I believe it is Lake Hamilton?
But it looks like there is 1000's of miles of shoreline!
Maybe I will have to do a search for old cemeteries there.