Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cell Phones

Do you want one of these?

I just read a report that amazed me.

It stated that number of mobile phone subscriptions in the world will reach four billion by the end of the year driven by growth in developing economies.

Mobile phone subscriptions topped 3.3 billion by the end of 2007.

The growth is due primarily to the developing markets in Brazil, Russia, India and China.

China passed the 600 million mark by July 2008.

It has become the world's biggest mobile phone market.

I was also reading in the USA TODAY on Friday about a family that has 5 cell phones and 4 children. But two of the children were under 5.

I guess I should talk to some of the teachers in schools to find out just how pervasive cell phones are.

According to Wikipedia, as of September 2008, the world's population is estimated to be just over 6.725 billion

U.S. Population 305,276,187
World Population 6,726,476,895
These populations are from the U.S and World Population

Here's a novel way to NOT lose your phone....
Forget the Iphone. Get a LOBE phone! Be the first in your school!

I've often said, the next thing you know, they are going to implant a chip in our tooth, connected another implant in our ear and it will be powered by the electricity our body produces.

Look what I found on a google search. Hmmmm...


Glenda said...

the implant thing is weird! i already think people are talkin' to themselves when they're really using the bluetooth deal. it's a big huge no on the implant idea for me!!!

vfcctigger said...

That implant thing is really freaky!! If people get those they will have to have documentation that they have the implant and not just crazy and talking to themselves!! CRAZY!