Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wild Weather

We have been having some interesting weather these last couple of days.
Saturday, June 7 (my grandson's 3rd birthday - by the way) the Midwest was hammered by a number of storms. A large thunderstorm showed up near Pontiac and basically drove up Interstate 55 to Wilmington and then headed toward Richton Park and Chicago Heights.

ABC (Channel 7) news just reported (Sunday at 5:05 PM) that this was a series of 6 tornadoes.

These radar shots are from today as another storm system came through along the same track.

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jet said...

did you hear about the dog that was picked up in the tornado, spun around (neighbors saw it go around & around up in the air) and landed safely about a mile away? there in chicago heights, a 120 lb rottweiler.