Monday, June 9, 2008

Restaurant Funeral

Fat Terry's Rib Crib - R.I.P

This past week I drove by a restaurant that I enjoyed from just about the day it opened.
Fat Terry's had a great product. Their ribs were awesome. I heard nothing but good about the pulled pork sandwich. I most often ordered the spice-rubbed chicken breast with coleslaw and baked beans..... oh yes, with their habanero sauce.

Fat Terry's has closed.
It is a sad day in Shorewood.
I'm sure the competition from Chiles, Buffalo Wild Wings, Portillos and the latest addition... Babe's Jumbo Hot Dogs put Fat Terry's under.

They had a great product, but they had no ambience.

A few days ago I talked with the owner of Lucky Bamboo (great Chinese food) and their business is way off. He attributed it to the high cost of gas. It is impacting the cost of their food (he said the price of rice has tripled) and the public only has a certain amount of disposable dollars and fuel costs are eating into the budget.

Well, so long Fat Terry's.

One of my favorite memories is taking my in-laws to the CUBS baseball game and we ordered ribs takeout. I drove all the way to Wrigley smelling the aroma as my family savored the ribs. I carried mine into the ball park and I barely got them past the security guard! He approved (after offering me money!) and I enjoyed Fat Terry's Rib Crib at Wrigley. Hey.... much better than the hot dogs!


Erik said...

that is too bad... I remember many great lunches at fat terrys. my favorites were the spice rubbed chicken or the tuna steak sandwich. home town place inched out by corp america.

Earl Thornton said...

That is what we were always concerned about.
Maybe there's a lesson for churches in it.

Steve-o said...

how did you sneak past security with FOOD? They don't even let you do that at supersaver theaters! I'm surprised. That would be better than wrigley food. The only place you can get that at Sox park is in the center box level. They have Chef's making stir fry! The smell is tremendous, but it would be like 8x more expensive than at Fat Terry's.

Earl Thornton said...

Hey, there was no sneakin' involved. The security dude looked at it, took a big whiff of the aroma, offered to buy it from me and allowed me to "pass go and collect... my RIBS!"

jet said...

no way! i can't believe they closed down!

Nema J said...

i loved this place, so sad, man i miss you terry, he was like a bbq nazi !!!!!!!!!!!!