Sunday, June 1, 2008

Catchin' UP

I haven't posted for some time.
Here's some miscellaneous posts.

I love this picture I snapped in a mall parking lot in Aurora.
If you can't read the sign in front of the RED Corvette... "Reserved. Expectant Mother Parking..."

The car was there when Joy I went in to have lunch and when we came out.
I didn't hang around to assess if the driver was
1. Pregnant
2. male/female (I know, see #1)
3. HOW pregnant... it is a confined seating area.


vfcctigger said...

Now that is just sad. I've been pregnant and I so appreciated those shops/stores that have those signs. I would be really interested if an acutal pregnant lady was driving that car!! Wow!

pushCHICK said...

It was me! I was like 10 months prego! JK!

Mr. Johnson said...

I saw this post labled "Catchin Up" and felt a real need to do that! I really have missed hearing from you, Shepherd! I thank God for you everyday! Diane and I have been looking for a "new fellowship" now, and it's tough! We compare everything with what God WAS doing with First! We hope to hook up with you for a Caribou soon! I heard a good one I know you'll like. "Every set back, is a set up for a COME BACK!" Love you, Rev!