Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lost My Knife

I was going through security preparing to board a flight from NYC (LaGuardia) and one of my cases didn't make it through security.
I had a SMALL knife with scissors in it. (When I say SMALL, I mean like one inch long)
And it was confiscated.
Interestingly, that SMALL knife had passed security going to Vietnam, flights to and from Alaska, one other trip to NYC and now.... "I lost my knife in New York City....almost on a plane to go with me..." (sung to the tune of I Lost My Heart in San Francisco).

I'm not grieving, it was not that great of a knife - I have bought several Swiss Army knifes over the years and this one should have not passed security - at Swiss Army, that is. But know, it didn't pass security at NYC.


jet said...

awe nuts!

ro.duh. said...

that happened to steve when we took that missions' trip to mexico. he was upset! and we just laughed at him!