Monday, June 9, 2008


When you have a blog, it is fascinating to see all the hits your blog has from around the world. Yeh, the US is interesting, but to me, not near as interesting as the hits from other nations.
I'd love to hear from you.
You can post on the blog.... you don't even have to identify yourself - just your country or city...
I do moderate the posts because I have had some less than nice people attempting to "share" things with me that they don't have the courage to tell me in person.

If you want to reply completely confidentially, send me an email at

My wife suggested this because I keep saying to her... "You wouldn't believe where I am getting hits from!"

I see that I don't have any hits from Africa.
I'm going to have to email my friend in Accra.

UPDATE - In 1 1/2 days I have had hits from 14 nations: Canada, France, Brazil, India, Portugal, Spain, Saint Kitts and Nevis(I want to visit my friends there!), Malaysia, United Kingdom, Greece, Singapore, Australia, Dominican Republic and of course USA. Comment or send a message!

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