Sunday, December 9, 2007


I really have not published enough about my trip to Vietnam.
It really was an incredible trip.
I am so excited about what God is doing in that nation.

The people are so loving and open.

One stop that touched all of us deeply was the state run school for deaf and blind children.
You could tell that the teachers were so full of love and caring for the children.
There were over 160 children receiving care and education.

They give the children an excellent education, but they also want to equip them with a skill that will enable the children to support themselves when they leave the school.

They teach the older children how to sew. The sewing machines they have are all borrowed and they are of a kind that reportedly break down frequently. The school would like to have better machines that the school would own.

The factory that loaned the machines to them were coming in a couple of weeks to take them back. For only $2,000.00 they would be able to get all new machines.

If you'd like to help, get word to me. Call or email.
This is doable, don't you think!


ro.duh. said...

it's great to see some more pictures from your trip. those kids are adorable. it's great to hear that the teachers love these students so much. did you guys bring them those beanie babies?

Earl Thornton said...

I've got a lot more pictures.
These kids were SO sweet. They were constantly signing "I love you" and there were hugs all around.
Jill had found some cute stuffed animals and some little hand puppets.
The children loved them.