Sunday, December 9, 2007

My Birthday - November 28

Joy was exclaiming, "Honey, I should be taking your picture!"
I explained to her that I decided to have some fun on my birthday and "turn the camera" around.

So I kept a pictorial log of the day.

I remembered that I could get my truck washed for free on my birthday. So that was my first stop after breakfast.

For me, it was a full, fun, productive day of work.
It started with a great breakfast with my wonderful wife and the day wrapped up with a great Bible study as we are going through the book of Daniel.

Office meetings with friendly people!

On my way to lunch

Lunch = $2.09

Joy preparing dinner.

Birthday Dinner with Joy and Jill.

Back to church for band rehearsal, choir and Bible study.

Here's part of our Bible Study group!
I don't think they've had the teacher take their picture before.

Choir members rubbed in my new "decade". They are so fun and photogenic!


jet said...

How cute dad. I was wanting to see the pictures you had taken. I'm glad you had an enjoyable day, and day after, and day after ;)

ro.duh. said...

that is great! what a great perspective through photos. i love that you got a picture of your desk in your office...and of course, there is coffee on it!

and the price of your lunch from wendy's sounds like the price of mine when i eat on campus wendys. dollar menu!