Saturday, March 31, 2007


This past week, I’ve been working on my sermon for Easter, “Shadow People.”

How do you handle the disappointments of life – the times when trials and tragedies strike suddenly and leave you wondering what you will do? Is your first response one of shock and disbelief? Do you cry out, “Lord, why did this happen? Why didn’t You stop it? What have I done to cause this?”

The story of Easter is one of the most powerful.

We often focus on the main characters and ignore some of the ones in the shadows.

The main characters of course were Jesus, Pilate, Herod, chief priests, scribes, Roman guards.

What about those in the shadows?

Peter –

  • Wanted to quit
  • Did exactly what Jesus said would happen
  • Denied knowing Jesus
  • Lied
  • Deep remorse
  • Watched Jesus tortured, crucified, die
  • All hope is lost.

Ladies at the cross –

  • Sorrow and empathy
  • Some were in deep grief
  • Some were “doers” – went out to take care of burial arrangements – just had to DO something.
  • They didn’t recognize Jesus mistook him for the gardener

Two on the road to Emmaus –

  • Deeply absorbed in sorrow
  • So deep in grief, they didn’t recognize Jesus

We learn the most about ourselves by looking at the Shadow People.

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Bill said...

Let me try this again. Nice work e-dogg! Anxious to hear the message.