Saturday, April 5, 2008


Jesus wisely told His disciples, "Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while".
So Joy and I decided to do just that.... GET AWAY.
The place we chose is not too secluded (Minneapolis), but they do have a bunch of Caribou Coffee shops. It happens to be the headquarters for Caribou.

It has been nice just reading, resting, praying and listening to God.

A nice little bonus was stopping in Rochester where Joy's parents just happened to be for an appointment. Neither Joy or her parents knew each other's plans until they conferred on the phone. How amazing is that!

So we had a nice time and meal together and sang happy b'day to Joy (a little early).

Joy and I spent most of a morning at Caribou reading, talking and surfing. We then got a sub and went down to Lake Calhoun to pic-a-nic (ala Yogi Bear). After enjoying our sub in the sunshine and fresh air, we took off on a walk and about halfway through a small storm system came in a rained on a bunch of people's parades. We loved it!

Interestingly, all our children enjoyed Lake Calhoun while they were student's at North Central University. Perhaps Joy's mom and dad did as well when they were students at North Central a "couple of years" ago.

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peggy said...

I am happy for you and Joy that you were able to get AWAY!!! That is what our soul needs. Maybe the weather could have been a little warmer tho. What a treat to see Joys parents, I am sure that was good for all of you. You are in my prayers and I hope all is well.