Saturday, April 19, 2008


There is a new series on the History Channel that I am thoroughly enjoying watching.
It is about logging in Oregon.
As I watch and listen to these guys, I am transported back in time.

My father was the original AX MAN.
He started in logging back in Oklahoma, then logged in the Arizona White Mountains before moving to Oregon during World War II.

This is a picture of my dad and me (I'm the little one!) in May of 1948. When my mom sent me these pictures, I love that my dad had written on the back of each picture with a description and location.

This is one of my favorite pictures.
My dad is holding me and I am holding the loggers scale. It is a stick with markings that enables you to calculate how many board feet are in the log.

I now have that logger's scale in my garage. What a great keepsake.
If you are interested in more posts about my dad's logging, just let me know.
I've got a lot more pics!


jet said...

yay Dad! I was wondering when you were going to blog about the show (& Gpa). I just knew you'd love it :)

Glenda said...

Wow! Those pictures are amazing! That log your dad is standing in front of is HUGE! I would love to see more pictures! Thanks for sharing those.

vfcctigger said...

What a treasure to have!! That is awesome what your dad wrote. Such a precious memory to have!!

peggy said...

I like how your dad signed the pictures Dad Thornton. Nice!!! Not just dad.

ro.duh. said...

that is great!! what awesome pictures to still have!