Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Believe In You

I love dimes. No, I don't have a "thing" for them, but I have been finding dimes on the street or parking lot lately. Pennies are a, pardon the pun, "a dime a dozen". Actually, they'd be 12 to a dozen, but I digress.

Four or five times in the last 10 -12 months, I have found dimes. Either on the parking lot or the entry to Walmart. They say something to me. No, I'm not talking to coins, nor hearing "things" from them.

Several years ago, like maybe 20... I heard a sermon by John Maxwell where he told the story of Bart Starr who was quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.

During the 1965 football season, Green Bay quarterback Bart Starr had a little incentive scheme going with his oldest son. For every perfect paper Bart Jr. brought home from school, his dad gave him ten cents.

After a particularly rough game against St. Louis, in which Starr felt he performed poorly, he returned home weary and battered after a long plane ride.

But he couldn't help feeling better when he returned to his bedroom.

There, attached to his pillow, was a note:

"Dear Dad, I thought you
played a great game. Love, Bart. "

Taped to the note were two dimes.

I have used that same illustration twice in a sermon. Each time, I distributed a small card that had a dime laminated to it, simply saying "I believe in you."

Several times over the past 20 years, I have had people say to me or even show me their card, "Pastor, I still have my dime!" I like to say "And I still believe in you."

We all need someone who builds us up and BELIEVES IN us.

For me, each time I find a dime, I hear God saying, "I believe in you."

Friday afternoon, I was walking into Walmart. Heavy on my heart was the thought that I was going to be resigning from the church I had led for the past 10 1/2 years. As I walked through the doors, there all alone on the floor was a dime. I stopped and picked it up. It is going in my journal.
Thank you God for your encouragement.


jet said...

That's awesome Dad! and I believe in you too! here's 20 cents.

Dana said...

What's awesome is that God knows each one of us so well, that He knows what small thing would encourage us in a very big and very personal way. I've never heard that sermon, but thanks for sharing this. I'll never look at a dime the same way again! Here's another 20 cents.

vfcctigger said...

Praise God that he cares about us so much, that he takes the time to place a dime so that you could pick it up and be reminded of God's love and encouragement. I believe in you too and You and Joy will be EXTREMELY missed. I still don't know what to think or how to think it....I guess I am just stunned, but I am praying for the best for Joy and you. May God bless you both and thank you for being great examples for Josh and I to look up to.

ro.duh. said...

how cool is that!! you are loved greatly!!! here's a zillion ga-jillion cents! :)

Amy said...

Dad, I still have that dime that you gave out. I think we were in Bismarck at the time. Just think of all that we ALL have been through since then. It is so encouraging to think that in another 10-15 years we will be in a place we can't even imagine right now. I can wait to see you there! I love you and I am proud of you and Mom!

peggy said...

Every time I see a dime I am sure I will think of you and your story. And thats a good thing.Now I guess I will be looking for dimes and not pennys but pennys are a good thing too!