Friday, May 4, 2007


I love trees.
There is hardly a tree that I don't care for.
Perhaps growing up in Oregon had an influence on me.

It was always so beautiful to me.

My father had an amazing history in logging before he sold his company, Warner Mountain Logging Company in the late '50's and went into construction.
I still have some of the pencils that have Warner Mountain Logging Company on them.

My dad had some amazing stories of what it was like logging back then.

No, this is not a picture of him. But I have some that are similiar.

So now I've planted trees in the midwest.

Several years ago, my family bought me a willow tree for Father's Day.
I LOVE willow trees.
They are so graceful and majestic.
Also, they are some of the first to get leaves in the Spring and almost always the last to release them in the Fall.

When I was given this tree, I easily carried it out to plant it.
It was in a 5 gallon container.
It's probably 20 feet tall now.
I love it.

Erik and I planted these beautiful quaking aspen and red maple trees. They are beautiful all Spring and Summer, but when Fall arrives.... wow!

But one of my favorites is the apple tree that I call Bakka and Emma's Apple Tree (I'd better add Sam now to!) It has 5 kinds of apples on it. This past Fall, they tasted wonderful. I look forward to picking the ripe apples again.

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Glenda said...

Those trees are beautiful. I think one thing I love about trees is the way they seem to mark time. You can look out your window and see a "marker" of time...beautiful!