Tuesday, May 1, 2007


We have a beautiful little tree right in front of our home. Today, it is in full blossom. It is a Sargentina Crab. The white blossoms are gorgeous, but the frangrance from those blossoms is incredible. Tonight, I have my window partly opened as I am working (yes, I work at home). And the nice cool breeze is wafting in the wonderful frangrance.

What is your frangrance?
Are people attracted to you?
Is there something sweet and attractive about your presence?

We all are familiar with that which repulses us.

Thought.... Does a skunk think other skunks smell good?
Is smelling good, bad or is smelling bad, good?

Well, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder and frangrance is in the... well, you get it, right?


Puzzled1 said...

Our minds must run on the same wave length! Have you read my blog about trees? Keep Blogging!

Glenda said...

That is a beautiful tree!

As I was reading your post I began to think about the fact that a lot of times a person or thing smells like what they put in themselves...for example, a person who eats a lot of garlic smells like garlic. So, what we allow in our life amounts to the "smell" we leave behind! Just a thought.

Amy said...

I love that tree! It's a little touch of heaven in "suburbia"! How did you dudes decide on planting that tree? And how is the willow tree doing?

Earl Thornton said...

I was just thinking about the trees we have planted on our property and then recalling that my dad was a logger... he cut them down.