Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I've been through the wringer

I was talking with a friend (technically emailing) and they shared that they have been through the wringer.

How many people even know what the phrase means, “been through the wringer”?

I told my friend, “I'm sorry that you've been "through the wringer." Do you realize that there are several generations that have no idea what that phrase means?!”

Now, I know what the phrase means. Because my mother had an old Maytag washer with the wringer that she used up until about 1970. (no, that's not my mom in the picture)

It was like all the appliances back from that day. They kept going and going and going......
Our refrigerator kept going forever. The handle fell off first - too many
pulls by your truly!

It seems we've made a complete about-face with product quality. When I was growing up, automobiles rarely lasted more than three or four years without needing major repairs, but appliances would run for 25 or 30 years and never miss a lick. Today, cars can go 150,000 miles, but we're lucky if our appliances last a year.

On the plus side, at least our cars will be around to take us to the Laundromat.

Oh yes, my mom hung the clothes outside on a clothes line. I just thought, what did mom do during the winter or when it was raining outside? I’ll have to call her and ask.


Erik said...

Oxentenko's had a wringer in their shop. It wasn't ever used much mostly when I was washing trucks.

Puzzled One said...

This is so funny! My grandmother lived by the clock and the particular day of the week! Monday is wash day, period! You hung them on the line outside by 11:00a.m. If it's raining, you didn't wait till Tues. even if it was the middle of July. You hung them in the basement on Monday and ironed everything Monday night. Even hankies. What's a hankie?