Friday, April 6, 2007

Easter Sunday

Sunday is the celebration of Easter, but in our household, it is also the celebration of Joy's birthday.
What a great journey it has been with this lady.
I am SO HONORED to be able to call her my wife, my love, my friend.

Joy is the JOY of my life.
We have so much fun together.
She is a godly woman, passionate about God and His Word.
That is so wonderfully evidenced by the wonderful teaching she gives each month at Comfort and Joy.

She is passionate about creating. She loves creating music, menus, house plans. Some of you may not know that Joy is an accomplished architect. She has designed four of our homes.

Happy Birthday Joy. I love you and am most proud of you.


Glenda said...


Joy is the bestest ever! She is kind, compassionate, loving, an inspiration, a wonderful mom, grandmother, and friend. I wish that I could be with you guys on her birthday, but my wishes, thoughts and prayers will be with her all day long.

I love you guys!

Earl Thornton said...

Thanks Glenda. We love you and miss you.
Earl and Joy

Jill said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DOOID MOTHER!!! I love my mama so much. dito to everything you said DO-Bops!!
I miss you all very, very much.

ro.duh. said...

happy birthday joy!!!! Yes Pastor, your wife is amazing!

pushCHICK said...

Happy Birthday JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Puzzled1 said...

Joy is a woman that I use as a mentor for my own walk of faith. She shines!