Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I was talking with a good friend today and he shared a quote from a minister that had a great influence on our denomination.

"You don't need discernment when the devil is acting like a devil.
But you do need discernment when the devil is acting like an angel of light."
Cyril Homer

Cyril Homer was an outstanding minister. His wife, Ruth, is one of the finest and most engaging speakers I have ever heard.

Dr. Cyril E. Homer served Southeaster University with distinction for two separate tenures as president. He also served as the president of North Central University. He also served several congregations in the Midwest, including Ohio and Kentucky.

MY PRAYER: God give me discernment!


judy said...

What a thrill for me to havefound these wonderful tributes to my parents. They were, indeed, gifted and humble Christians. They left a legacy of faithfulness. Thank you for remembering them. The quote sounds exactly like something my dad would have made.

Judy Homer Rachels,only child of Cyril and Ruth Homer

Earl Thornton said...

Great to hear from you Judy.
What a great legacy you have received and now are carrying.