Saturday, October 11, 2008

Marital Problem Solution

I have found the solution to ALL marital problems and family relational issues!

You ask, what is that?

Simple, everyone goes on Wheel of Fortune.

We usually catch the Wheel right as we finish our evening meal (supper for those of you south of Interstate 80 in Illinois or the Mason-Dixon line - that is a joke. Take a breath and laugh).

I have noticed that EVERYONE says, when being interviewed by Pat Sajak..."my wonderful wife/husband, my beautiful wife, my terrific kids..."

I have never heard so many superlatives used in describing family members. Oops, I meant positive superlatives.

I am still waiting to hear someone describe a family member in a less than positive way. Now, wouldn't that be interesting.

So there is the solution..... get everyone onto Wheel of Fortune.

We will ALL be winners!!


Glenda said...

i just like it that your 2nd wheel of fortune picture is from the Dallas/Ft. Worth show :)

ro.duh. said...

my dad watches it everyday. he likes to play along with the contestants.

and fyi.... he's a "supper" person. and the word "dinner" means lunch. so when you're going to "dinner" with my're eating lunch with him, so don't be late! i've learned many times the hard way.