Sunday, October 26, 2008


It is harvest time here in the Midwest.

The weatherman is calling for a hard freeze tonight and even colder tomorrow, so I went out at 10 PM, dodged the
coyotes (we have had two that have shown up in our backyard almost every day for the past 7 days) and picked the last apples on the apple tree.
It was 36 degrees, spitting rain (with some snow pell
ets mixed in), wind chill is 28.

Here's the last of the apples. They are so crisp and sweet. You just have to quarter them and remove the "protein." I guess that makes them ORGANIC apples.

On Thursday, my friend Parker
Rittgers and I drove back from downstate Illinois and we must have seen at least 100 combines bringing in the corn and soybeans.

This is such a beautiful time of the year.

We have been monitoring the cornfield behind our house.

I expect that in the next couple of day, it will be harvested as w
Here is a picture we took right after church today.

I am thankful God is using Joy and me in HIS harvest.

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vfcctigger said...

Wow, those apples look delicious!! And it sure has been cold...and getting colder! And amazing that you got a beautiful pic of the coyote! Wow!