Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dad's Boots

Several days ago, I was selecting the shoes I wanted to wear for the day.
We had 4 inches of snow that had fallen the previous night and I remembered my dad's work boots.

Those boots were different than what you would normally think of as work boots.
My dad had a logging company and worked harvesting timber - huge trees.

I never knew the type of those boots until I received a Cabela's catalog.
They are called PACKER boots. We always called them "logging boots."

I remember Dad oiling, coating those boots with what he called "bear grease". I think it was mink oil.
He would lather it on those boots and then place them in the oven, with it turned on low and the door open, so his boot leather would absorb the oil.

Until you've been in bitter cold, mountain snow... you have no idea how important it is to have dry feet. He'd put on two layers of socks, the outer was wool and lace up those boots.

My father passed away October 31, 2005. He was quite a man.

Those boots are so cool.

I remember his boots, his black lunch pail and beat-up, green thermos.
Oh yes, his pants (jeans) would have the cuff or trim cut off just in case some machinery snagged his jeans, so the gears or machinery would not pull him in.

There was no one more safety conscious then my father.

I sure want a pair of those boots.
But what in the world would I do with them!?!?

Any suggestions? :)


Glenda said...

You could wear them with confidence and start a new fashion trend! : )

vfcctigger said...

You could use them as a really cool object lesson! Josh or Bob could probably come up with some cool use for them?? Or just wear them to church with your suit...that would be fun..huh?

Amy said...

Those are awesome boots, Dad! I want a pair too! You could wear them with jeans. That's what we do out here in Colorado! They'd be great riding boots. :)