Saturday, December 20, 2008

READER'S DIGEST...stop the harassment!!!

Over the last few months we have received, MANY TIMES, the following phone call from Reader's Digest, RD - "Hello, Mr. Thornton? We would like to speak to you about your Reader's Digest subscription." ME - "We have not had a subscription with Reader's Digest for 10 years!" RD - "Our records indicate that you have a subscription and we were wondering if you would like to renew it."
ME - "We have not had a subscription for over 10 years!"
RD - "Why have you discontinued your subscription?"
ME - "When your magazine was sold, many years ago, we noticed the quality drop and the conservative viewpoint changed."

One of the last times RD called, I asked to speak to a supervisor and the conversation was even more convoluted. I asked them to remove me from their call list. The supervisor gave some odd reason they could not remove my name and I stated, "Well, you are going to continue wasting my time and your money by callingn me. I will NOT be subscribing to Reader's Digest."

So today, December 20, I received another call from... you guessed it!
I stated to my wife, "I am NEVER subscribing to Reader's Digest."
They have burned the bridge.

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