Saturday, August 2, 2008


I received word on Friday that my Dell laptop is dead. Well, it actually needs a new motherboard and that repair would cause the entire repair bill to exceed $600.00.

I don't think it is wise to put that kind of money into a 5 year old laptop.

I cannot complain. This laptop has served very well.

It didn't catch fire like some other Dell's did.
But I was given a new battery by Dell.

It did survive an attack by a Fa-La-La-La Latte.

It traveled across most of the USA including Alaska.

It helped me keep up with blogging and emails while in Vietnam.

So................ What kind of replacement should I get?


Several have already suggested I join the Macbook generation.

Recommendations and donations now being accepted.


Glenda said...

I definitely think Apple will satisfy your computer hunger! LOL!

ro.duh. said...

apple. all the way. my toshiba lappy has served me 4 years now. a month ago i had to send it in for a repair on the speakers, and now i think i'm going to sell it (maybe to my brother?). then i will get a macbook. i think you can get a free printer right now if you buy a macbook (after rebate).