Saturday, October 27, 2007


When I am in another country, I love to try as much of the authentic food as is possible.
How many remember the scene from Indiana Jones, the banquet scene...

What a great evening. We were taken to dinner at COM NIEU SAI GON - Vietnamese Gastronomy Restaurant.
It was a blast!
Back to Indiana Jones - a couple of the guys suggested that our meal may be similar to that.

One of the first things they brought out was a very small dish of very small and VERY hot peppers... YUP, you're right. I used my chopsticks and popped one in. OH MY WORD was it hot.
And nothing on the table with which to extinguish the FIRE.
It was an interesting sensation to feel it burn all through my mouth and gravitate on to my lips.... A couple of other brave souls tried it as well. About 15 minutes later, I had lost burn. Cool...

We did no ordering for ourselves. Our friends ordered for us. There was a lobster dish that was great. Barbeque pork (not at all like b'que in the USA), fried sticky rice, sliced beef over bean sprouts that tasted like radishes with tomato slices.

There was a rice dish that is baked encased in clay. They break the clay at the table side - sounds like breaking a dish - take out the baked rice and toss it across the room to a waiter that catches it on a plate! That must be the origination of the "throwed roll."

There were many other dishes... I tried them all. Some I enjoyed, some I.... well, left alone.

It ended with papaya.

All of that cost $150,000. per person. That is in their currency - dong. Equivalent of about 10 dollars.

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jet said...

that's so awesome dad! I'm glad YOU get to eat the hot peppers. whew. :)
love ya. miss ya! ~enjoy!~

ro.duh. said...

that sounds like a great meal, minus the peppers! :)